New Features in Softwin3

New Features in Softwin3


Integrated application offering
pre-configured controller setups

This new SoftWin3 add-on application (re-)configures SW3 according to general configuration selections and included pre-configured files. These are applied to selected list displays and property sheets.

All unused parameters are hidden.

use End Of Line cable detection, not use Action complete, configure Mantrap.

A variety of optimally configured default display options are included.

Activity displays for access – specific tag, department, biometric, zone. Alarms in red, Access control in green.

Copy of a controller setting to another is integrated in SW3 (e.g. copy Mantrap settings to another controller).


This new application opens a second
TCP socket to controllers.
(Removes need for HH programmer)

The autodetect function (also integrated into SW3) discovers all Softcon Universal enabled controllers (any CR391) on the network, reading MAC, IP address, subnet mask and node. The latter 3 parameters can be altered and written back.

Set-up and keys in each controller can be read (and saved to disk), altered (edit or read from disk) and written to a controller.

Default set-up files are provided (e.g. with EOL, with Action Complete, Mantrap) that can be sent to controllers – ideal for testing and commissioning a controller installation (eventually overwritten by the system – SW3)